The mission of Saving Our Boys is to encourage, challenge and equip men to make a difference by becoming a godly influence in the lives of their sons and the many fatherless boys in our churches and neighborhoods, helping them to become men of character and integrity.

Mentors Make a Difference

  Brad’s Story

Many men wake up each day and dutifully perform the tasks that are required of them; however, I have met only a handful of men who rise in the morning with a clear purpose and the relentless drive to become the men that God is asking them to be.

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  Derek’s Story

My dad was verbally and physically abused throughout his boyhood; he wasn’t allowed to play sports or do any of the things other children did. In fact, he never had a chance to be just a kid. There was no man in his life that he could look up to or admire, least of all his own father.

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  Wes’s Story

As I look back and reflect on the path my life has taken, I couldn’t begin to measure just how important mentors have been in molding and directing my life. I certainly didn’t understand or maybe even appreciate the time and effort that these men were sacrificing…

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