Because He Lives: Something to Think About

Because He Lives: Something to Think About

As I was listening to Bill & Gloria Gathers’ song, Because He Lives, my mind went back to when our son Shawn was born and all the difficulties with his premature birth. It was a tough time for us.

Because Darlene was hemorrhaging, they had to perform a C-section, even though she was only 8 months along. The Catholic doctor said they might lose Darlene and there was little hope for the baby.

It was a long night, but finally, Shawn was born, weighing 3lbs. 4oz. Small, but perfect, didn’t even need oxygen, truly a miracle. He was kept warm in isolation in that little country hospital, as he went down to 2lbs 7 oz.

In those days, you couldn’t hold your baby as they were afraid of germs, so we loved him through a glass window. His nurses loved and cared for him for 7 weeks (no neonatal unit)), feeding him with an eye dropper at first, until he reached 5 lbs. During that time, that song ministered to us daily. “Because He lives, I can face tomorrow, because He lives, all fear is gone.” We weren’t afraid, we knew in our hearts that he was going to be fine.

When we picked him up,, it was such a joy to finally hold him in our arms,, kiss him and love on him.. Then the song meant even more:: “HHow sweet to hold our newborn baby, and feel the pride and joy he gives; but greater still the calm assurance, this child can face uncertain days because He lives..”

We can be certain of this one thing, that He is alive, and “Because He lives” we can not only face tomorrow but also all the uncertain days ahead. Darlene and I would tell each other how great it was that Bill and Gloria Gaither would write this song for us. Well really, their son but thanks for writing this for us as it ministered to us during that time with our son. He is 50 now is married to Joan and they have two awesome boys – Austin who is graduating High School this year and Tyler who is in Middle School.

I imagine we’ve all said, at least I have, how badly we feel for our kids and grandkid s growing up in this “fractured” world of ours. But wait minute — our trust and hope isn’t in this world, it’s in our God. We know that God sent His Son, Jesus, for us, and He died and rose again and is alive and well today! We can have the assurance that our kids and grandkids can face the uncertainty of this fractured world we live in because He lives.


Sam Mehaffie
Speaker, Author & Youth Advocate