Dr. Ken Canfield: Making a Difference

Dr. Ken Canfield became friends with a young man in his church who needed intervention. Brian’s parents divorced and his father moved away.

“I began to spend time with him and will never forget the way he watched and listened to what I said. I never did anything extravagant—usually just shot baskets or hung out together. But that’s when I realized that it’s on God’s heart to provide a male role model for the boys without fathers.

“I sat down one day and wrote Brian a short note, nothing profound or heartwarming. It said something like: Dear Brian, I’m looking forward to getting together again with you this Saturday. I’ve enjoyed our time together, and I just want you to know that you’re a great guy to be around. Your Big Brother, Ken

“Nothing life changing, but the next time I went to pick him up, I went into his bedroom and saw my note proudly displayed on his wall, along with some posters of sports heroes. When I saw how proud he was of that note, I realized the impact I could have in his life and the lives of other fatherless young men.

“When I first meet Sam,” Dr. Canfield said, “ it was clear he knew the impact that older men can have on the fatherless. Not only is he reaching out to others the way I reached out to Brian, but he has taken it to the next level by being a resource and encouragement to other men to do the same.”

Referring to Sam’s speaking to Men’s Ministry groups, Dr. Canfield says, “I’m convinced that you will be equipped to mentor with excellence.”