The Heart of Our Ministry

Every man is a mentor whether he realizes it or not. The only question is, what kind of influence does he have in the lives of those boys around him.

Our churches are full of moms who are looking and praying for men to take an interest in their sons, to mentor them; they need help. They need Christian men to reach out and guide them on their journey to manhood.

The heart of this ministry is to reach out to the fatherless boys in our churches. We challenge, encourage and equip men to help our boys grow into men of character and integrity, to help them become the men God made them to be. To make a difference!

Joan had been a single mom for a number of years when her 13-year-old son Matt started having problems in school and at home. She knew he was hurt and angry, but the divorce seemed to have little effect on him until now. She began to pray for God to send a Christian man into his life…and she even asked God for that man to attend their church.

Since Matt played the piano, their Minister of Music, Tim, started spending time with him, working on songs, teaching him and helping him with his music. Before long, they were going to ball games, out for pizza, playing hoops in Matt’s driveway. Slowly Matt began to change as he was able to share his feelings with Tim, and Tim was able to share his life experiences with Matt.

How did Tim affect Matt’s life? Today Matt is a Minister of music, just like his mentor. Matt was able to discover what God wanted him to do with his life because one man took the time to love him, laugh with him, listen to him and encourage him. Tim was there for Matt.

Men lay the foundation for boys in their journey to manhood, helping them discover who they are. More importantly, as Christian men, we show them that God has a plan for their lives. EVERY MAN IS A MENTOR!