Other Mentoring Opportunities

If you have a desire to do some form of mentoring and feel God can use you, but your church is not able to start a mentoring program now, there are other outlets where you can mentor.

Male mentors are in high demand.  Boys waiting for a match through Big Brothers, Family Court Mentoring programs and other sources sometimes wait from six months to a year or longer to be hooked up to a mentor.  This is too long!  In most cases, no experience is required, just dedication to a relationship for at least one year. Matches through these programs are carefully selected and volunteers participate in a training session and background checks.

As a Christian, I have mentored through my church, the state, Family Court and through other programs.  Here are some suggestions for you to look into:

  1. BIG BROTHERS: Here is a program that has been around for years.  We all have heard of them and their outreach to boys and young men who need a Big Brother to will help them through a difficult time in their lives and on their journey to manhood.  Go to their website and find the local Big Brother program close to you.
  2. FAMILY COURT MENTORING PROGRAMS: Mentoring through the Family Court system is another way you can get involved.  Programs like Big Brothers and the Family Court are always looking for men to get involve; they desperately need men.  When mentoring through the Family Court, they will have a training session that you are required to take.  I have mentored through the court and will tell you it is not only exciting and challenging but also very rewarding.  These boys desperately need a man to step along side of them and help them on their road to manhood.  These guys are going through some of the toughest times we can imagine with some heart breaking situations, but when a man enters their lives and is there for them, to care about them, listen to them and encourage them, things in their lives change … you may not see it or ever know what it has meant to him but you just need to do your part.
  3. LOCAL POLICE DEPARTMENTS: Check it out, there may be a mentoring program in your local community already – and they probably need men.  Some have Youth Programs that includes mentoring possibilities.
  4. PRAYER PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM: This program is a great idea to get men involved in boys’ lives, a terrific Men’s Ministry program.  This program involves little effort but has big rewards and often opens the doors to mentoring.  A man commits to pray for a boy in his church for an allotted time – six months to a year or maybe throughout the school year.  As they become more involved, men often decide to move forward from being a Prayer Partner to becoming a mentor.  There’s just something special that happens when they pray for someone every day, especially if they connect in a church; in this case, more involvement.

5. COACHING:  Coaching is a great way to get to know boys.  Do you like basketball, football, soccer or baseball?  Get out there with your team and show them how a man of character behaves as a coach.  They will be watching you, your reactions and your language.