A Message for Men in the Church

Fatherless America and the Church

There is an epidemic sweeping our country today – the Fatherless!  These boys are in our cities, communities and neighborhoods – and even in our churches.  Is your church meeting their needs?  If not, what can you do about it?

Fatherless boys and young men desperately need men to step into their lives and be a positive force to help them make choices and to give them hope in Jesus Christ.  Although these boys seem strong and determined, deep down they feel intensely unhappy, ashamed, alone, angry and hurt.  Having a mentor could be the difference between a path of violence, drugs and jail or the path to education, positive choices and finding a friend in Jesus.

One of the most reliable predictors of whether a boy will succeed or fail rests on a single question: Does he have a man in his life to look up to?  Too often the answer is no.  So, what can the church do?  Start a mentoring program in your church!  It is essential that we reach out to the fatherless in our churches; they are part of our church family and we can’t let them down.  Many of these boys and young men come regularly with their moms or grandparents and some only come to youth group during the week.  Men and men’s ministry groups can make a big difference.

Pastor…Men’s Ministry leader, you must say, “Yes, we will meet the need”…the time to act is now!  We can help by coming to your church with a:

  • Presentation that challenges your men and helps them see the problem, the solution and how you can help meet the need right in your church.
  • Three to four hour training session that will prepare and equip your men to become mentors to young men. 

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Keynote at Omaha 3Sam Mehaffie is the founder of Saving Our Boys Ministry and author of Every Man’s a Mentor and Fatherless America and the Church.

As he travels across the nation, he uses his life experiences and humor to bring a message of hope to hurting hearts and broken lives.

A varsity basketball coach for over 15 years, a Court Appointed Special Advocate for boys in family court, a former youth pastor and a mentor the past 30 years, Sam brings a vast knowledge of what God can do to restore lives of all ages.

Accepted Fee Arrangement

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Speaking Topics

  • Every Man’s a Mentor
  • Hope in a Fractured World
  • Discipleship
  • Marriage & Family
  • Motivation
  • Mentoring Works
  • Fatherless America and the Church
  • God Believes in You: For Middle & High School Guys

Event Types

  • Men’s Ministry Meetings
  • Conferences & Retreats
  • Prayer Breakfasts
  • Outreach Meetings
  • Workshops
  • Men’s Events

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