The State of Our Boys

Too many boys and young men are trying to find their way to manhood without any role model to help them on that journey.  As they try to establish their own identities, they run head-on into today’s culture — expensive toys, unparalleled freedom, access to every kind of drug, alcohol, pornography, sexual temptations, bullying and a media that exposes them to just about every temptation known to man…and the list goes on and on.

These young men need your input and support, and sometimes they just need someone to listen to them.  If you are not available and if you don’t have the time, whom will they go to?  Whom will they talk to?  Whom will they listen to?

The statistics prove that the need for role models is huge!


  • The percentage of kids born out-of-wedlock has grown 223% since 1970.
  • 7 out of 10 African-American kids are born out-of-wedlock.
  • 3 out of 10 Caucasian kids are born out-of-wedlock; an increase of 440% since 1970


  • 63% of youth suicides are from fatherless homes
  • 70% of juveniles in state operated institutions have no father.
  • 85% of youths in prison grew up in a fatherless home
  • 90% of homeless and runaway children are from fatherless homes.

(For more statistics check out “State Of Our Boys” and the “Fatherless” video on this website)

Men lay the foundation for boys and young men on their journey to manhood. Ideally, dads do that job, but when so many of our boys don’t have fathers in the home or have absentee fathers, they turn to other men as role models – and sometimes the men they turn to are not the examples we want our boys to be following.  You see it in the inner city when boys join gangs, do drugs, become drug runners; after all, it’s the big-time drug dealers who have the fancy cars and good-looking women! You see it in our high rate of divorces in and out of the church because boys aren’t seeing good-examples of what a husband should be like.  One teen boy that I mentored sat in my car with tears running down his face and asked, “I’m not going to be like my dad, am I, Sam?” My answer was a resounding, “NO! You can build a different life, and Jesus and I will help you.”

Are you willing to help a boy or young man became who God intended him to be?  They don’t need more government programs or funding – what they desperately need is mentors.  Men, they need YOU!  Will you accept the challenge and make a difference in one boy’s life?